Monday, June 1, 2015

Album Of The Day: Will Young - 85% Proof

After three years ago left RCA and Sony Music, English singer-songwriter Will Young is back with new label Island Records. "85 % Proof" is a new studio album from him, released on 25 May 2015. "Love Revolution" was released as his lead single from this album on 27 March 2015. Pop, R&B and soul are the most genres on this album. Available on standard and deluxe edition.

01. Brave Man
02. Promise Me
03. Love Revolution
04. U Think I'm Sexy
05. Gold
06. Like A River
07. Joy
08. Blue
09. Thank You
10. I Don't Need A Lover

Deluxe Edition:

01. Dare
02. Where Are You Tonight
03. You Keep On Loving Me
04. Always On My Mind

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