Sunday, May 31, 2015

Album Of The Day: Paulini - Come Alive

Fijian Australian singer-songwriter Paulini Curuenavuli released "Come Alive" as her third studio album after more than eight years. It was released by Decca Records on 29 May 2015. "Air It All Out" already picked as her lead single from this album and released on 17 October 2014 last year. "By My Side" will be set as her second single from this album. Pop and R&B still chosen as her favorite genres. Nice comeback to break international music, maybe in Europe and Australia market.


01. Air It All Out 
02. By My Side 
03. Fly 
04. Not Another Love Song 
05. Hung Over You 
06. Physical 
07. True Love
08. Forget That
09. Last December 
10. Land Of Heartbreak 
11. Completely 
12. Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry 
13. Come Alive

Deluxe Edition:

01. Air It All Out [Stripped Back Version]
02. Air It All Out [The Acoustic Session]
03. Fly [The Acoustic Session]
04. Hung Over You [The Acoustic Session]
05. Hung Over You [Alternate Mix]
06. Someone Like You

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