Friday, July 6, 2012

Video Scope: Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love

The music video was directed by Paul Hunter in April 1999. It begins with a man (Adam Rodriguez) logging onto his personal computer—while prompted by a search bar—and enters the name "Jennifer Lopez", and is redirected to a website Jennifer Lopez Online. He clicks onto the link and is transported through the internet (which is displayed by special effects emulating binary numbers). After arriving, a figure in white walks across a room filled with cameras recording action: it turns out to be Lopez in a hallway. From the privacy of his computer, the man then redirects to a new page where Lopez is now seen in the living room and crawling over a table, and she is visibly aware of the cameras and viewers, waving at it at a point.

The man is not alone in his voyeuristic actions as patrons of an Internet café and a little girl logging in from her own computer, watches Lopez, streaming live, on "Internet TV". The man then clicks on a room showing Lopez in the bathroom, singing whilst checking her reflection in the mirror. Worldwide, Lopez's feed is being streamed live to a nightclub and to other users with laptops. The man then clicks on the dance option and is once again entered through the special effect binary. Lopez then proceeds to perform a series of dances (including jazz, house, and Latin soul) as the song moves into a remixed (Pablo Flores Remix) portion. The man then zooms in on Lopez's skirt, as she dances to Latin music.

He then raises the sexual intonation again by requesting a scene in which Lopez is taking a shower (although she is never seen nude). Garage workers who had been watching this soon turn their heads to Lopez and pay no attention to their burning car as they glue their eyes to the screen. A new user is introduced, and it is implied that he throws his computer underwater to "turn down the heat" (so to speak). He then continues to watch her there.

Official music video was uploaded through YouTube on 2 October 2009.

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