Monday, May 17, 2010

Celeb Pictures: Christina Aguilera From Out Magazine

Christina Aguilera who is gearing up to release her new album in June did a new interview for Out Magazine where she pokes fun at Lady Gaga saying "Oh, the newcomer? I think she’s really fun to look at..". She also defends how she isn't copying or being Lady Gaga by saying "I’m a little under a rock where some things are concerned".

In the 3 page long article interview, this comes out and very interesting to read about Aguilera opinion on Lady Gaga songs.

Gaga writes hooks with nursery rhyme simplicity, easy to hum and hard to forget. Aguilera foregoes hooks for vocal virtuosity, though she admits, “it’s a little more off-putting to the general public because it’s not easy to sing along to.” Gaga talks about art and sings about cell phone reception and disco sticks. Aguilera isn’t given to public pronouncements outside her narrow area of expertise and sings about vulnerability and expectation, loss and strength, abuse and acceptance. Gaga is her art, she claims. Aguilera says, “I used to think, My art is me, and it’s just not like that. You can’t be that egotistical.” Gaga is topiary, highly pruned and stylized. Aguilera is a jungle, wild and overgrown.

In the meanwhile she's defending herself and explaining about Lady Gaga who she admits clear and loud she's not trying to be, her single is not doing well on the charts and her album is getting really bad buzz from the press and the clips that leaked yesterday ain't doing any justice to make it better and people are saying they suck.

Check out some pictures from the photo shoot for the magazine above and if you are really bored or curious what Aguilera has to say you can read the 3 page long interview she did for the magazine here.

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