Friday, February 12, 2010

Sneak Attack: The Dirty Disco

When asked to describe the pulsating electro theatrics of The Dirty Disco, one crackpot follower had this advice: Imagine the lust child of Ziggy Stardust and Britney Spears. And they weren't far from the mark. What they neglected to mention was this Britney Spears would also have to have a penchant for bad acid, more than a passing interest in the happenings of back-street Soho and a unique way of fusing gyrating electronica with infectious pop hooks.

The Dirty Discos theatrical and more-than-slightly subversive live shows have earned them a die-hard following in what seems like the blink of a mascara smeared eye; testament to their ability to write the kind of songs that suck the listener in after a single play, only to linger with a more intoxicating intent than a fistful of methamphetamine.

The Dirty Disco's debut single "Sista!" will be released through the bands own label, Stuck In My Head Records on 22nd February 2010. Watch the video here.

See The Dirty Disco live:
19th February - London, ElectroQueer Live @ The Bar Music Hall - FREE ENTRY
23rd February - Guildford, The Boileroom, Live Link
31st March - London, Death Disco - FREE ENTRY

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