Thursday, February 19, 2009

Single Review: Vanessa Amorosi - Perfect

"Perfect" is the Platinum selling single from Vanessa Amorosi's album "Somewhere In The Real World". The single was released digitally on 5 April 2008 and physically on 26 April 2008. Amorosi co-wrote "Perfect" with Australian song writer David Franj and they each brought a different perspective to the theme of love, resulting in a powerful tune. "He was in love with his girlfriend, so his take on it was she's perfect, everything about her is so magnificent. And I'm the other side of love where I'm like that's obsessive and there's hard work in love and what you see as perfect is not necessarily going to be perfect in 20 years time". Amorosi says "Perfect" is "really a love story by two totally different people. That's my interpretation of it. I mean, it's open to anyone's interpretation but for me love is ... I find it to be quite obsessive. I love the imperfections in a person more so than the perfect things about them. Love can come in different shapes and forms and that's what it's really going on about".

"Perfect" was the most played song by an Australian artist on the 2008 National Airplay Chart (The Music Network – 22 December 2008). The track also hit #1 on the Australian iTunes Store on 6 June 2008. Before release as a single, "Perfect" was featured in promotions by the Seven Network for the American show Bionic Woman. It will also be used in a commercial campaign for jeans by Calvin Klein in Australia. "Perfect" and "Shine" are her highest charting singles to date. 

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