Sunday, February 22, 2009

Single Review: Mandy Moore - Cry

"Cry" is the third song released by Mandy Moore from her third self-titled album "Mandy Moore". The song tells the story of a girl who first thought her lover to be insensitive, until one day she saw him cry. "You were all by yourself, staring up at the dark gray sky, I was changed..." The song wasn't a major hit in America but was an MTV favorite and did well overseas. The song was also on the "A Walk To Remember" soundtrack in 2002. It also debuted a brunette Mandy Moore. Mandy Moore felt that "Cry" would be perfect for the soundtrack since it would be released around the time of the movie. It is also one of Mandy Moore's favorite songs of the album. The single was released on 4 November 2001 under Epic Records and was written by James Renald.

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