Sunday, August 31, 2008

Buckcherry - Don't Go Away [Video]

Multi-Platinum rockers Buckcherry have teamed with MSN Music to unveil the video “Don’t Go Away,” from their forthcoming Eleven Seven Music/Atlantic Records’ album Black Butterfly which hits stores September 16th. Featuring lush verses and a hook-filled chorus, the power-ballad is set to pick up where the band’s top 10 hit, “Sorry,” left off. The clip features actress Arielle Kebbel who you might recognize from Gilmore Girls and John Tucker Might Die.

Watch: Buckcherry - Don't Go Away [Video]
Listen: Buckcherry - Don't Go Away [Real] [WMV]

Jojo - Can't Believe

Can't Believe is a new song by Jojo, this song is not her new debut single from her new album, but just cover song from old song. Check it out. Hope you wil like it.

Jojo - Can't Believe

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kevin McDaid - You Stood Up

You Stood Up was the song by UK boyband, V. Kevin McDaid was the member of V, and he has his own version of this song. The song is pretty nice.

Kevin McDaid - You Stood Up

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reel - You Take Me Away

You Take Me Away was the single from boyband, Reel. The song was released on 2002. When heard this song for the first time, I felt in love with this song. Sweet song, pop but ballad. Love it so much. The vocals are pretty harmonies. You should take a listen this song.

Reel - You Take Me Away

Thanks to Lucky Star Music

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nadya Hutagalung - Wallpaper

Morgan Webb - Wallpaper

Heidi Montag - Overdosin'

On August 18, 2008, Montag released a song titled "Overdosin'".

Heidi Montag - Overdosin'

Alfamega - Uh Huh (Featuring T.I.) [Video]

This is new video from Alfamega, called "Uh Huh"

What do you think?

The Gabe Dixon - Till You're Gone [Video]

The Gabe Dixon Band has just released the music video for their piano-rock single “Till You’re Gone.” Director Paul Cummings used stop-motion animation to help bring a human piano to life and showcase Dixon’s talent on the keys.

Today marks the Nashville-based trio’s release of their self-titled album. Their Fantasy Records’ debut was already deemed one of Paste Magazine’s favorite records of the year, and Dixon’s vocal talent and piano chops have been praised by fellow musicians across the board including Sara Bareilles and Jamie Cullum. Dan Wilson (Semisonic, Dixie Chicks) co-wrote three songs on the album that features a variety of tracks from heartfelt ballads to pop piano jams in the spirit of Elton John and Ben Folds 5. Check it out on iTunes here.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Demi Lovato - Get Back [Video]

Official music video for Demi Lovato's "Get Back". Taken from her debut CD Don't Forget. In stores Sept 23, 2008!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mytown - Mytown

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Mytown is tagged as a boy band but there is more to this foursome than good looks. Their debut album was co-written by the band members, Marc Sheehan, Paul Walker, Terry Daly, and Danny O’Donoghue.

Mytown first got together in 1996 at the now defunct Digges Lane performing arts school in Dublin. Marc, a well-known choreographer, was teaching hip-hop dancing at Digges when he met Paul, a former actor who’s appeared in Irish TV shows and films. They talked about putting together a group, but something was missing. Terry also had a similar goal in mind. Danny, the youngest member, was the last to join Mytown. The group got together and began harmonizing and writing songs.


01. C'mon Everybody
02. Body Bumpin'
03. Lifetime Affair
04. Party All Night
05. Now That I Found You
06. Time Will Tell
07. Love Sent Angel
08. Girl In Tears
09. I Like Your Style
10. Everything She Wants
11. This Is The Time
12. The Day

Released: May 22, 2000
Genre: Pop, R&B

Mytown - Mytown

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Weepies - All Good Things

"All Good Things" is a song written by The Weepies, The song "All Good Things" is also featured on Mandy Moore's latest album, which Deb Talan and Steve Tannen contributed to.

Not sure where to go,
Everyone I know,
Says I'm to forgiving.
And now that I'm gone,
I don't wanna move on,
I just keep you living.

The Weepies - All Good Things

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gil - If You Only Knew (Featuring The Moffatts)

If You Only Knew was the smash hit from Gil Ofarim, the single was released on 1998. The song peaked at number 1 on MTv Asia Hit List. It's a pop ballad song.

Gil - If You Only Knew (Featuring The Moffatts)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jason Reeves - You In A Song

From the uplifting opening track “Someone Somewhere” through reflective closer “The End,” singer/songwriter Jason Reeves’ forthcoming album The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (and Other Frightening Tales) takes listeners on a contemplative journey of love, hope, heartbreak and renewal. Originally only available online and at his shows, the album’s beauty and raw honesty connected with listeners and earned a “Top Folk Album of 2007” distinction from iTunes, which also named Reeves one of the Top Indie Singer-Songwriters of that year. Now signed to Warner Bros. Records, which will widely-distribute his album for the first time, Jason’s own story continues, one that remains as pure as his outlook on life and music as it ever was.

Self-taught on the guitar, Reeves began his own musical adventure as a teenager when he discovered the works of folk legends Bob Dylan and James Taylor. Transformed, Reeves spent the next few years honing his own writing skills before dropping out of college and moving West to California to pursue his music full time.

Now 23, Reeves paints beautifully sophisticated portraits of some of life’s most vulnerable, yet exhilarating moments. “Reaching” for example, ponders the question of whether to abandon caution and the familiar in order to plunge headlong into the risk and potential reward of the unknown. “Pretty Eyes”, meanwhile, idealizes the utopian moments in life when one is in love, while “Never Find Again” reminds us that perfection is all-too-fleeting.

Perhaps most striking is that Reeves accomplishes this with memorable melodies and radio-ready hooks that seamlessly complement his warm vocals. With a range of subjects from the feel-good love anthem “You In A Song” to the dreaded but familiar feeling of being told a lover wants to be “Just Friends,” all of Reeves’ music is instantly relatable, and it is that accessibility that is rapidly winning Jason legions of new fans.

The spiritual Iowan, for his part, refuses to take the credit insisting, “All songs exist in the atmosphere, and artists are on a romantic search to pull them down and give them life.” And despite a busy tour schedule that includes sold-out performances at venues such as Hollywood’s Hotel Café, Reeves is giving life to lot of songs these days, both for himself as well as others. “Whether you are writing for a girl or a guy, you have to capture the voice of the artist singing,” says Reeves.

One voice Jason has successfully captured is that of Colbie Caillat, who happened to be the second person he met upon arriving in California. During a recording session with producer Mikal Blue, Reeves met Colbie, (whose father, Ken, is Blue’s studio partner and co-producer of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors) and an immediate friendship began.

The Reeves-Caillat-Blue trio soon became inseparable: writing songs and recording together every chance they had. “Mikal and Colbie were the only people I knew in LA,” Reeves says. “We spent a lot of time together, just going to the beach, the mountains, the woods, playing guitar and writing songs.” The songs, inspired by the beauty of the California Coast, formed the foundation for Reeves’ first EP Hearts Are Magnets, as well as Caillat’s breakthrough (and nearly double-platinum) album Coco, on which Reeves co-wrote the majority of tracks including the multi-format smash singles “Bubbly” and “Realize.”

The son of a Maytag worker and a food stylist, Reeves’ songwriting sensibility harkens back to a time when people wrote “Old-Fashioned Letters” and employed a more poetic way of expressing feelings. Reeves, part of a new generation of musicians reminiscent of the 1970’s Laurel Canyon scene, balances his romantic sentiments with raw hurt on a number of tracks where a relationship goes bad and his lover commits the ultimate sin, striking a match “as she is covering my heart with ‘Gasoline.’”

Subject matter that resonates deeply, hook-filled melodies and Jason’s unmistakable vocals caused Reeves’ music to instantly engage the MySpace community and propelled him to #1 on the MySpace Folk chart (unsigned) for nine months prior to his record deal and kept him consistently in the Top Five Acoustic (unsigned) and Top 20 Overall (unsigned) categories. But with the story exploding on a daily basis, the reserved Iowan takes it all in stride: “I’m just a simple boy that believes in love and dreams.”

Jason has asked his fans to contribute their version of his song and at the end, Jason will choose a winner.

Llyod - Gives 'Lessons In Love' On The Streets Of ATL Plus An Exclusive Interview

Check out Lloyd as he talks to people on the streets of Atlanta about their own Lessons In Love
Lloyd's album, "Lessons In Love", is in stores NOW

Mary Kate Olsen - Wallpaper

Ashley Olsen - Wallpaper

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Joe Thomas - Why Just Be Friends [Video]

YAHOO! Music Present 'Why Just Be Friends' Exclusive Video Premiere From R&B Star Joe Thomas.

Jon McLaughlin - Does Indy! [News]

In between playing sold-out performances and touring the country, Jon McLaughlin sat down with Doing Indy's Seth Hancock to give a one-of-a-kind, exclusive interview. The two discussed everything there is to know about Jon's upcoming album, his first headlining tour, and performing at the Oscars.

OK NOW Available October 7th
Island Records


A great deal has happened to Jon McLaughlin between the release of his debut Island Records album INDIANA last year, and his new, sophomore effort, OK NOW.

When we last saw him, the 25-year-old singer/songwriter was giving a show-stopping performance of the Oscar-nominated “So Close,” the song he sang in the hit Disney movie Enchanted, on the worldwide telecast of the 80th Annual Academy Awards ceremony.

The appearance re-ignited INDIANA, spurring a 1,514% overnight sales increase at Amazon, sending it to the #1 spot on its Movers & Shakers chart, and creating solid momentum for his latest release. The single from INDIANA, “Beautiful Disaster” attracted over 420,000 digital fans when featured as Download of The Week.

And after getting major touring slots with Sara Bareilles, Paolo Nutini and Kelly Clarkson, along with dates with Colbie Caillat, Duffy and One Republic under his belt, Jon McLaughlin hit his stride on the road.

Flushed with that success, McLaughlin entered an L.A. recording studio last year intent on undergoing both a musical and stylistic transformation. The heartland piano player expanded his palette by working with new producer John Fields (Rooney, Jonas Brothers, Lifehouse, Switchfoot), co-writing with the likes of Jason Reeves (Colbie Callait’s “Bubbly”) as well as writer/producers Tricky and The-Dream (Rihanna’s “Umbrella”), Troy Verges (Kenny Chesney’s “You Save Me”) and Brett James (Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take The Wheel”).

McLaughlin admits the experience of appearing in Enchanted and performing on the Oscar telecast was a career-defining moment.

“The whole thing has taken on a life of its own,” he says. “I wasn’t even supposed to be in the movie. I love Disney ballads, but I didn’t necessarily connect it to what I do as an artist. But that image of an old-school crooner inspired me. I was able to see myself as something different, which helped me open up to try new things on this album. I wasn’t afraid to try on some new looks, either.”

Jon describes himself as a “child of the ‘80s” in talking about the musical direction of OK NOW, with the very first single “Beating My Heart” the perfect example, an introspective, existential tune about nothing less than the meaning of life, with an elaborate pop-rock production that evokes Coldplay, thanks to soaring synths and a crackling backbeat.

With producer Fields playing bass, drums, slide guitar and a variety of other instruments, McLaughlin also enlisted the talents of ace players such as guitarists Tim Pierce and David Ryan Harris, as well as drummer Dorian Crozier in the studio.

“Smack Into You,” written and produced by Grammy winners Tricky and The-Dream, is about falling head over heels in love, a combination of the Police’s “Every Breath You Take” and U2’s “With Or Without You,” melding acoustic guitar and McLaughlin’s piano to create a passionate undertow. “This song has such a great groove and is so fun to play live,” says Jon. “It creates such a special moment in the room.”

Jon describes “You Can Never Go Back,” which he co-wrote with acclaimed L.A. singer/songwriter Bleu, as his attempt to write a “late-‘70s, early-‘80s Billy Joel song,” an admonition to not dwell on the past that evokes the blue-eyed soul of the Bee Gees crossed with Hall and Oates, buttressed by Fields’ George Harrison-like slide guitar riffs.

McLaughlin’s soul/R&B croon also characterizes “Things That You Say,” a bittersweet song about “loneliness, the isolation you feel when you’re trying to connect with anybody, but end up with these shallow, going-through-the-motions relationships instead.”

Synthesizers introduce “You Are the One I Love,” a song Jon co-wrote with Jason Reeves, inspired by the tabloid reports about Amy Winehouse’s stormy relationship with her husband Blake that shows an empathy to the beleaguered pair. The multi-layered production is driven home by Peter Gabriel-like tribal drum rhythms.

“I feel for them,” McLaughlin admits. “Who’s to say any of our relationships are any less dysfunctional? I think it’s cool that they’re so madly in love.”

“The Middle” is about being able to take the Hoosier kid out of Indiana, but not being able to take Indiana out of the Hoosier. The youngster who grew up in a conservative Midwestern household admits home is where his heart still remains: “Let me tell you now where I went wrong/Hollywood is just another place/I don’t belong.”

“Four Years” is another Billy Joel-style, tongue-in-cheek take on a ‘50s rocker about high school peer pressure that advises freshmen not to worry about the dictates of fashion.

“You just spend so much time worrying about stupid stuff that just doesn’t matter,” says McLaughlin, who insists his own high school years were pretty good. “I wish I could get back all the money I spent on Abercrombie and Fitch back then. If I heard this song when I was still in high school, I still don’t think it would change anything. You can’t change high school kids’ minds about these things...but I’m still going to try.”

“We All Need Saving,” a song about the importance of friendship, starts with a stack of Beach Boys-styled street corner doo-wop oooh-oooh harmonies McLaughlin recorded late one night on, which gives the song its sacred feel, while “Throw My Love Around” counsels that, with only one life left to live, it’s preferable to take risks then end up having regrets.

That same spirit of taking chances informed the making of OK NOW.

“My philosophy has changed,” nods McLaughlin. “Now I believe you should get crazy in the studio, explore different sounds, and I love the challenge of recreating the songs in the live setting –that’s the best part.”

OK NOW is OK to go.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alfamega - Uh Huh

Alfamega AKA the Muscle of Grand Hustle presents his first his single “Uh Huh!”

Alfamega - Uh Huh!

Joe Thomas - E.R. (Emergency Room)

It is a new day for premier soul man Joe Thomas. After ten years signed to Jive Records, where he recorded the platinum discs All That I Am (1997) and My Name is Joe (2000), he has decided that now is the time to start taking chances. “Nothing against being signed to a major label, but most of the time it’s about what they want you to do as opposed to what the artist wants to do. I have nothing against Jive, but I really just wanted to be me. Seriously, I got tired of being held back.”

Teaming-up with his manager of 15 years, Kedar Massenburg, who also serves as executive producer on the much anticipated project, Joe has come back stronger than ever. Indeed, from the first listen to his soulful emancipation JOE Thomas,New Man (on 563 Music & Kedar Entertainment, distributed by Fontana Distribution), it is obvious from the looseness of his voice and the texture of his timbre that he was feeling a little different.

“Of course there is a happiness that comes with independence, but I also felt more confident in the studio,” Joe explains. “I was able to work at my own pace, choose my collaborators and sing the truth. Kedar and I have been working together forever, and we know how to make a great soul record.”

Yet, just because Joe Thomas, New Man is an indie R&B record, does not mean that this is a bargain basement affair. “I’ve developed many close relationships with some of the best in the business,” Joe says. “When it came time for me to go into the studio I was able to call on my friends like Puffy, Bryan Michael Cox and (video director) Billie Woodruff to come through.”

In addition, Joe was also blessed with contributions from Nas, Game, Busta Rhymes, Mario and Trey Songz, Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy. “I only like working with people who can take their art to the next level. But, believe me, getting all the right folks for this project was a blessing.”
Releasing dual singles “ER” and “Why Just Be Friends,” the talented balladeer is more than ready to compete with his rivals on the radio. “The track “ER” was produced by a newcomer named D’Mile, a young and eager dude out of Brooklyn (Janet Jackson, “Feedback”),” Joe says. Serving as the opening for New Man, the theme of unrequited love is one that runs through the majority of the disc.

“All of us know what it’s like to be feeling somebody who might not be feeling you,” laughs Joe. “For a lot of guys it’s not about what they have, but what they want.”

With a voice that is sweet as chocolate and strong as coffee, “Why Just Be Friends” is the perfect summer record detailing the carnal blight of dudes, as Joe explains, “gets caught in the friend zone too many times.” Produced by the Stereotypes, a crew hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Joe says, “They passed along some tracks, and I was really digging what these guys were doing. I mixed the song myself in a home studio I have owned for about eight years. I call it simply, Joe’s Crib Studio.”

Fact is, once the various tracks were perfect, most of Joe’s vocals were recorded from his home studio. “I like doing things quickly, and in the home studio I can get in the zone and work at my own pace.” On the club ballad “We Need to Roll,” the singer got a chance to make another musical dream of his come true.

“I recorded that song with Trey Songz and Mario, because you almost never hear R&B guys singing together,” Joe explains. “I remember how hyped I was when Quincy Jones put out ‘The Secret Garden,’ and I wanted that kind of vibe on the record.”

A southern boy who was raised by two preachers in his hometown of Columbus, Georgia and Opaleika, Alabama Joe mastered an array of instruments when he was still a kid. “I have nothing but respect for musicians,” Joe explains. “Though I don’t play on this project, I’m working on something special right now where I’m playing everything in the studio.”

Admiring the genius and swagger of artists like Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway, Joe’s songs also share the sacred/profane dilemma in his music that elevates beyond the arena of his peers. From the sweet as cherry Kool-Aide lyrics on “Man In Your Life” to lonely teardrops of “Sorry” to the freaky deke of “Triple Black Room,” Joe continues to dig deep into his own psyche for the best material. “The artists who are my heroes, be it Marvin, Prince or Donny, were never too proud to reveal there true selves. It is impossible to be a true artists if your art isn’t honest. Although it might hurt sometimes, I have no problem baring the realness of my life in the songs.”

Coming across as a protector on the lush song “I Won’t Let Him Hurt You,” the track has slight Asian touches in the music that is beautiful. “I spend a lot of time overseas, and those sounds are as much a part of my influence as soul or gospel. I want to experiment, and mix a little of that flavor with what I do best.”

Smooth as butter and perfect as the pyramids the track “By Any Means” is one of those songs that lingers in the mind hours after you’ve heard it. Utilizing a cool groove laid-down by his homie Bryan Michael Cox (who has produced hits for Usher and Mariah Carey), this song is an obvious hit. “Bryan and I have worked together a few times in the past, and obviously his track record speaks for itself.”

Once nicknamed “the Casanova crooner” by Hip-Hop Soul magazine, New Man proves that Joe has lost none of his spunk or flavor. If anything, dude has simply gotten better. Let’s hear it for soul brother number one!

JOE Thomas, New Man is comes out on September 23, 2008 on Kedar Entertainment Group and is distributed by Universal Fontana Distribution.

Joe Thomas - E.R. (Emergency Room)
Joe Thomas - Why Just Be Friends

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pop Zone: Celine Dion - When I Need You

Canadian diva Celine Dion covered "When I Need You" as her song and also released as promotional single on 7 September 1999 and as track for her album "Let's Talk About Love" on 14 November 1997. This song was produced by David Foster. Even Celine Dion's vocal is quite pop awesome for ballad like this, but the promotional single failed to give earlier bomb for the album because there was no promotion for the single self.

Despite of being failed to chart. This song is always be favorite pop ballad song to be covered by many artitst. This song is originaly by Leo Sayer and was big on 1977 and was written by Albert Hammond and Carole Bayer Sager.

Lesley Roy - Unbeautiful

Lesley Roy has just revealed the cover art to her album, Unbeautiful. The September 30th release will be Roy’s debut effort and features songwriting credits from chart-topping Katy Perry. Perry co-wrote a song called “Slow Goodbye” and worked with Roy in the studio. Perry calls the Irish rocker a “spitfire, take no prisoners type artist. Her voice has so much personality it sounds as though it's lived many lives before. She has a richness that is lacked in pop music. When she opens her mouth to sing, you will know it's Lesley.”

Wayne Brady - Ordinary

Los Angeles, CA - On September 16, 2008 Peak Records/Concord Music Group will release Wayne Brady’s debut album, the appropriately titled - A Long Time Coming.

The Emmy Award winner is the consummate entertainer, whose talent truly knows no boundaries. As a stage, screen and live performer Brady is unparalleled.

But now, he turns his attention to his first love: music. The 12-track R&B collection features Brady’s own compositions standing side by side with his loving, inspired reinventions of such classics as Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come,” The Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” and Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do.”

“I always thought that Wayne Brady was an amazingly talented performer with an incredible voice,” says Andi Howard, president of Peak Records. “When asked by his producers if I would be interested in signing him as an artist to Peak my response was an emphatic, yes. Not only did he deliver a fabulous album, but an album that is extremely heartfelt and exceeded all expectations. It was indeed ‘A Long Time Coming.’”

Brady linked with The Heavyweights, the superstar production team composed of Jack Kugell, Jamie Jones and Jason Pennock, to write and record the album. The Heavyweights’ productions have sold more than 28 million albums and include work with such superstars as Jim Brickman, Martina McBride and Destiny’s Child.

First single, “Ordinary,” is a mid-tempo burner that pays tribute to the glorious simplicity found in every day life and love. Penned by the Heavyweights, Sarah Nagourney and Welford B. Walton II, the song is enhanced by Brady’s nuanced, soulful delivery.

Brady’s talent is too big to contain to any one format. He’s currently starring in his own Las Vegas show, “Making It Up,” which runs Thursday-Monday at the Venetian Hotel. The revue highlights his legendary music, dance and improv skills, for which he won an Emmy while appearing on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

Brady, who also garnered two Emmys as outstanding talk show host for his self-titled syndicated talk show, will return to TV as host of Fox’s hit show, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” this fall. Additionally, Brady has also appeared as Neil Patrick Harris’s gay brother on “How I Met Your Mother,” and Tina Fey’s bad-luck boyfriend on “30 Rock.”


01. Ordinary (Jack Kugell, Jamie Jones, Jason Pennock, Sarah Nagourney & Welford B.Walton II)
02. F.W.B. (Wayne Brady, Jamie Jones, Jack Kugell, Jason Pennock & Robert Daniels)
03. Can’t Buy Me Love (Written by: John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
04. Back In The Day (Wayne Brady, Jamie Jones & Jack Kugell)
05. Sweetest Berry (Written by: Jamey Jaz / David Ryan Harris)
06. A Change Is Gonna Come (Written by: Sam Cooke)
07. I Ain’t Movin’ (Written by: Wayne Brady, Jamie Jones. Jack Kugell. Jason Pennock)
08. Make Heaven Wait (Written by: Jack Kugell. Jamie Jones. Jason Pennock, Martin Kember & David Garcia)
09. All Naturally (Written by: Jamie Jones, Jack Kugell & Jason Pennock)
10. All I Do (Written by: Clarence Paul, Morris Broadnax and Stevie Wonder)
11. Beautiful Ugly (Written by: M. Burton, Steve Kipner, Jack Kugell, Jamie Jones, Jason Pennock & Lamont Neuble)
12. You and Me (Written by: Wayne Brady, Jamie Jones & Jason Pennock)

Listening: Wayne Brady - Ordinary

More info:
Official's Site
Concord Music Group

Single Of The Day: Hayden Panettierre - Wake Up Call

American actress Hayden Panettierre is trying to show her singing talent by released a debut single called "Wake Up Call" on 5 August 2008 under Hollywood Records. This song is influenced by reggae genre and pop for sure. It's a catchy revenge song with a humor way to an ex-boyfriend. 

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daddy Yankee - Talento de Barrio El Soundtrack

Talento de Barrio: El Soundtrack is an upcoming soundtrack by Daddy Yankee, set to be released on August 12, 2008 for the upcoming 2008 film Talento de Barrio.


01. Talento De Barrio - Daddy Yankee
02. PaKum pa - Daddy Yankee
03. Temblor - Daddy Yankee
04. Pose - Daddy Yankee
05. Llamado De Emergencia - Daddy Yankee
06. Oasis De Fantasia - Daddy Yankee
07. Salgo Pa la Calle - Daddy Yankee y Randy
08. Que Tengo Que Hacer - Daddy Yankee
09. Suelta - Daddy Yankee
10. De La Paz y De La Guerra - Daddy Yankee
11. Pasion - Daddy Yankee y Arcangel
12. Como y Vete - Daddy Yankee
13. K-Dela - Daddy Yankee
14. Infinito - Daddy Yankee
15. Somos De Calle - Daddy Yankee

Released: August 12, 2008
Genre: Soundtrack, Reggaeton

Daddy Yankee - Talento de Barrio El Soundtrack

Worlds Apart - Back To Where We Started

Back To Where We Started was a single from Worlds Apart, this is the song that I feel so much right now. I don't know why this song really makes me glad when hear it. It's a nice song, just hoping for something, maybe it can be real, maybe it cannot be real, since the hope needs both of lovers to working it. Sometimes it doesnt really comfortable when loving someone that doesnt loving you anymore, or maybe still loving you, only kinda less, while your love is still growing... Coz love is not game, lolz, sometime I don't wanna feel that love, coz sweet and bitter, but I will be so denial, coz I'm human have those feelings, enough drama of love... Just enjoy this song. It was from their 1997 album "Don't Change". Oh love, love, love... so complicated...

Worlds Apart - Back To Where We Started

Robin Thicke - Magic (Featuring Mary J. Blige) [NYC Remix Radio Edit]

The Queen Mary J. Blige adds her magic to Robin Thicke's "Magic." Be first to check it out!

Robin Thicke - Magic (Featuring Mary J. Blige) [NYC Remix Radio Edit]

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pitbull - American War [Video]

Pitbull gets serious in his new video, 'American War'!

"Its unfortunate that I have to cut a record telling the truth, at least in my opinion, about my own country and the corrupt ways it is being ran. However, on that note I want to let all the soldiers representing our country know, thank you for protecting us and may God bless you all." -Pitbull

Canton Jones - Hater Day

The lights dim over the standing room only crowd. The room is thick with an air of anticipation. A voice sprinkled with strong vibrato and a touch of old school R&B rings out. The crowd goes wild! The voice rings out again, this time with twice the intensity. The crowd screams as the young, but clearly seasoned artist known as Canton Jones points the microphone toward the audience and another unforgettable musical experience begins…
Part singer, songwriter, producer, and vocal arranger, Canton Jones, a Deerfield Beach, Florida native has entertained over 500,000 people this year alone, sold nearly 75,000 units independently; and has several songs including the steppers groove “Love Song”, the cleverly penned “Stay Saved” and the uncompromising street anthem “The Password” in regular rotation internationally. On any given day he can be found sharing the stage with Hip Hop heavyweights like T.I., David Banner, and Ludacris just to name a few. His unlimited repertoire, massive crowd appeal, and fast-growing fan base has set him on a course destined to shake the very chore of the R&B and Hip Hop world.

As quickly as fans have embraced Canton’s lyrical edginess and warmed up to his heart felt ballads, Canton gets down to business with his most creative album to date, Kingdom Business. Already impacting radio with the smash hit “My Day”, Kingdom Business is an eclectic mix of undeniable street anthems and melodic story lines that will take listeners from the streets in their jeeps to the board room and the office equipped to handle the business of life. The new album, released by Arrow Records, will hit stores everywhere on February 5, 2008 and boasts Jones’ best work to date. With “My Day” currently climbing the charts, Canton recently dropped the gritty, urban riders anthem “Living Clean (Riding Mean)” which is currently spinning in heavy rotation on popular mix tape shows and is creating a major buzz on the Myspace and You Tube circuits.

With three albums (20 Years, 3 Months, 12 Days; Love Jones; and The Password: Access Granted) two Grammy nods, a Stellar Award nomination, and three Gospel Choice Awards to his credit, Canton still maintains the unshakable confidence of someone who knows the tide is turning his way. More than an artist, Canton represents a philosophy, a movement, and a generation that is relentless in their pursuit to bring a fresh, new sound to Hip Hop and the streets. He understands that it is not just about the music, but it’s about developing a lifestyle that offers peace and prosperity for anyone bold enough to pursue their purpose. Jones has embarked on an ambitious business plan to bring the next phase of Hip Hop and R&B to the forefront. He’s all about his business and he’s become the example, so you can handle yours!

Listening to: Canton Jones - Hater Day

Robin Thicke - Magic [Video]

Here is new video from Robin Thicke called "Magic".

Git Fresh - Booty Music

Booty Music is the urban debut single by quartet Git Fresh.

"Our song 'Booty Music' was one of the tracks we recorded when we were between labels," says primary producer Rude Boi. "Though I do most of the production, all group members contribute to the lyrics and vocal arrangements. We are our own worst critics, so we have no problems trashing a song if it isn't up to par."

Originally formed when all the boys were still teenagers singing at local talent shows and performing at parties around the state, Git Fresh is far from another prefab boy band. "With the exception of Pretti Sly, we all went to the Dillard Performing Arts High School, and have been working together for years," explains Mike Ezay. "As a unit, we love working together."

Git Fresh - Booty Music