Thursday, October 9, 2008

True Vibe - See The Light

This is the second album of the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) boy-band True Vibe. And it is the last album for the group...... at least for Jason, Nathan, and Jordan. Approximately a year after the release of this album, these guys parted ways with founder Jonathan Lippmann, who at the time of this review is finishing the process of replacing the guys.

"See The Light" is a great follow-up to their self-titled 2001 debut album. While the sound of this sophmore album is very similar to the first one, the lyrics are much more heartfelt. The majority of the songs this time around were co-written by one or more of the guys.

The best song on the album, at least in my opinion, is the final track. "Not What I Say (But What I Do)" is a catchy acappella song about how, as Christians, it's not what we say about Jesus that is important, but what we do. Demonstrating God's love is what it's all about.


01. See The Light
02. Supernatural
03. You Are Holy
04. More
05. Pray
06. Forgiven
07. Complete
08. Stay
09. Everytime
10. Love Is Calling
11. Not What I Say (But What I Do)

Released: August 20, 2002
Genre: Pop, Christian Contemporary

True Vibe - See The Light

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