Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Pale Corners - Steve Buscemi

Long time friends Christian Lilja, Henrik Nordström, David Tibblin and Victor Palm have been involved in a variety of band constellations, including The Last Party and Figaro. Their friendship has come from their love of pop music and now in recent years, table tennis and their newly formed pop band The Pale Corners.

"This is the nicest band I've been in, we never tell each other to go to hell, we are more like an amateur table tennis team" - Christian Lilja.

To start up an amateur table tennis team is of course also included in the band's plans for the future.

During the summer they talked about going down to Henrik's summer cottage / studio and record hits and play / talk table tennis a few days.

The talking after a couple of beers led to action as synths, guitars, computers and table tennis rackets were packed down and the friends took the train to Karlskrona, Blekinge, six hours south of Stockholm.

The week in the Karlskrona archipelago was spent on recording at night and outdoor table tennis games when the sun was shining.

They spent countless hours to record a table tennis game. The sounds will be used as drums.
The result will probably be heard on the next single.

More info about them, please visit The Pale Corners' MySpace.

The Pale Corners - Steve Buscemi

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