Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ben Folds - Way To Normal

Ben Folds is hoping to have his next album out in September, but he plans to keep previewing new songs at shows before then, including appearances at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee and festivals in Berlin and Britain.

Weve played most of the album here -- theres not a lot to unveil, Folds told during a teleconference with reporters to promote Bonnaroo. We've got two or three songs that we were sort of holding onto, just so that someone would buy the record. But its not a bad idea to play one of those new ones at Bonnaroo thats kind of a special show, so we may do that.

Folds added that even with their massive crowds, festivals such as Bonnaroo provide a sympathetic environment to try out new material. Its a music audience, and thats pretty impressive for the size of the audience, he explains. The last time (at Bonnaroo in 2006) we played in front of a really large crowd and we were playing mostly stuff off an album thatd just been released and it all felt pretty good and pretty musical.

At shows already this year Folds has played a variety of songs from the new album, his first since Supersunnyspeedygraphic in 2006. Among the titles have been Hiroshima, Errant Dog, Effington, The Bitch Went Nuts, Free Coffee and Kylie From Connecticut. The album has no title yet, however.

Thats going to be one of the last things, I think, thats going to fall together here, he said. Im not really sure. I may have a couple of ideas, but weve got some really good stuff going for the artwork that Im excited about. So I kind of want to get that in order and see if that helps me make up my mind.

Know for the wry sense of humor he infuses in his lyrics, Folds told the Bonnaroo call that hes also looking forward to checking out some of the comedians who are part of the festival bill.

I can relate to that because Im a little bit of a clown, he said, but I dont think Im like Keystone Cops kind of clown. The last time I met Louis Black, and he was really cool. We had a really good talk and it was fun. I get along with comedians well pretty well.


01. Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head)
02. Dr Yang
03. The Frown Song
04. You Dont Know Me (Featuring Regina Spektor)
05. Before Cologne
06. Cologne
07. Errant Dog
08. Free Coffee
09. Bitch Went Nuts
10. Brainwascht
11. Effington
12. Kylie From Connecticut

Released: September 30, 2008
Genre: Pop

Ben Folds - Way To Normal

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