Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bonnie McKee - Someday

Bonnie McKee's voice sounds a WHOLE lot like Jewel. Her point of view sounds like a Hilary Duff song. The song itself owes it's sound to something along the lines of a Dana Glover tune (complete with gospel in the background). The overall result is actually worth four stars.

This fine little midtempo ballad plays timeless and doesn't subscribe to the gimmicks and electro-quirks heard in many songs released today. It is a song that relies on the instruments and vocals to get it's point across. The story in the song, while it may not be a breakthrough is actually quite cute... a song about seeing other couples happy together and trying to move past the fact that you're alone. There is a lot to like in this song, and considering she is being considered a part of the new "teen queen" movement (i.e. Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff), she is far and beyond taking the cake for maturity on this single.

Plus, her familiar-sounding voice shouldn't hurt her chances at radio too badly. She should be able to grab the airtime that Ms. Kilcher couldn't get with her last single. Nice job.

Bonnie McKee - Someday

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