Friday, August 8, 2008

Git Fresh - Booty Music

Booty Music is the urban debut single by quartet Git Fresh.

"Our song 'Booty Music' was one of the tracks we recorded when we were between labels," says primary producer Rude Boi. "Though I do most of the production, all group members contribute to the lyrics and vocal arrangements. We are our own worst critics, so we have no problems trashing a song if it isn't up to par."

Originally formed when all the boys were still teenagers singing at local talent shows and performing at parties around the state, Git Fresh is far from another prefab boy band. "With the exception of Pretti Sly, we all went to the Dillard Performing Arts High School, and have been working together for years," explains Mike Ezay. "As a unit, we love working together."

Git Fresh - Booty Music

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