Friday, July 18, 2008

Krystal Meyers - Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise is the 3rd studio album by Krystal Meyers. This album is different from the last two albums. The style of music from the last 2 cds, Krystal Meyers & Dying for a Heart was more Alternative Rock / Punk Rock. While this album, has more of a Pop / Electro / 80s sound to it.

The American version features ten new tracks while the Japanese exclusive edition features all ten of the songs included on the American version as well as one bonus track.


01. Make Some Noise
02. Love It Away
03. Shine
04. S.O.S
05. Feel So Right
06. My Freedom
07. Beautiful Tonight
08. Up To You
09. You'll Never Know
10. In Your Hands
11. Make Some Noise [Chinese Version Bonus Track]

Krystal Meyers - Make Some Noise

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