Friday, May 9, 2008

V Factory - She Bad

Have you checked out V Factory yet? Sneak a behind-the-scenes look at the latest pop / hip-hop sensations in their new EPK where you can find out about Asher, Wesley, Jared, Nathaniel, and Nicky’s performance backgrounds that range from technical lifelong dance training to watching Justin Timberlake’s every move. Also, listen up for “Round & Round,” “These Are The Days,” and “She Bad” off of their recently released EP. V Factory is currently on the Bandemonium tour with NLT, Menudo, and GLOWB.

V Factory’s Jared Murillo appeared in High School Musical 1 & 2 and was discovered by Warner Bros A&R Tommy Page while dancing on the High School Musical Tour.

She Bad is pop / hip-hop song by new American boyband, V Factory. It is nice song for dance. This song available on their first EP, called "These Are The Days".

More info about V Factory, visit V Factory's MySpace.

V Factory - She Bad

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