Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prima J - Corazon (You're Not Alone)

"They're young. They're cute. They co-write their own songs. And, they can actually sing! The duo's new single, Corazon (You're Not Alone) is nothing but sweet pop music. In its purest form." - Perez Hilton.

Check out the first two episodes of Prima J's online video diaries at HolaMun2.com

Visit page on mun2

Visit page on mun2

The name of their debut single may be “Rock Star,” but the two cousins that make up Prima J are everything but. In fact, Jessica and Janelle Martinez are so down-to-earth, it seems just as odd that their song is the lead track from the Bratz™ Motion Picture Soundtrack (released by Geffen Records July 31st, with the movie following August 3). Far from precocious and everything but bratty, the pair are actually a real-life version of the comradery and competitive edge captured in the movie.

Listen: Prima J - Corazon (You're Not Alone)

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