Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jesse McCartney - Departure

Departure is the forthcoming third studio album from American pop singer Jesse McCartney. The album is now complete. It is expected to release May 20, 2008. It has been described by McCartney as a complete change in musical style, compared to his previous releases. He was quoted saying about the new album, "I'm going for Prince chord changes, Michael (Jackson) melodies, and the bigness of Madonna - fun '80s stuff. That's the best that I can put it". Producers on the album include Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, Sean Garrett and J.R. Rotem.


01. Leavin’
02. It’s Over
03. Rock You (Feat. Sean Garrett)
04. How Do You Sleep
05. Into Ya
06. Make Up
07. My Baby
08. Told You So
09. Relapse
10. Runnin'
11. Freaky
12. Not Your Enemy

Released: May 20, 2008
Genre: Pop

Jesse McCartney - Derpature


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