Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amy Studt - My Paper Made Men

My Paper Made Men is Amy Studt's highly anticipated second album, released nearly five years after her debut False Smiles.

It is said to be very different from her first album False Smiles, the LA Times said to "ignore any dim memories of her midteens pop phase a while ago".

Due to the fact that the album has been released as a digital download album and that the single Chasing the Light peaked at #277, it is not expected to chart on the UK Albums Chart.


01. Sad, Sad World
02. She Ran
03. Furniture
04. She Walks Beautiful
05. One Last Cigarette
06. Nice Boys
07. Walking Outers
08. Chasing The Light
09. Paper Made Men
10. Here Lies More

Released: May 5, 2008
Genre: Alternative

Amy Studt - My Paper Made Men


  1. I love you :D thank you so much for upping this. Been looking for it since the release since I can't seem to download it from the iTunes UK store.

  2. Um Can U Put A Download Link For Her Other Album "False Smiles"????
    thank you so much!