Thursday, April 10, 2008

Suzi Rawn - Naked

Suzi Rawn was a top 4 finalist in Canadian Idol season 3. She is known for her rock and blues singing style as well as her unique clothing amongst the Canadian Idol finalists. Her hometown is Kamloops, but she grew up in Ottawa and has lived in Calgary and Montreal. "She's the most talented musician I've seen come from this country," said Kamloops resident Brett Olson, in a Kamloops Daily News article, dated August 23, 2005.


01. Bet You Like Me
02. Naked
03. Don't Come Easy
04. Overrated
05. Raw
06. Broken
07. Sorry for You
08. Understand You
09. Don't Leave Me
10. It Was You
11. I Wont Fall Apart

Released: October 10, 2006
Genre: Pop Rock

Suzi Rawn - Naked

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