Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rex Goudie - Under The Lights

For a while there, Canadian Idol contestant Rex Goudie seemed destined to live out the adage "always the bridesmaid, never the bride." In September 2005, Goudie took second place behind Idol winner Melissa O'Neil, then in early December released his first CD, Under The Lights, three weeks after O'Neil's debut single "Alive" hit radio and video with a bang. Truth is, Goudie's good looks and charm didn't hurt his appeal on the show, but when it comes to vocal strength and star quality, O'Neil wins that competition hands down. That said, the Newfoundland native entered the Neilson Album charts at a higher position than the Idol winner, proving that his trademark 'wrought rock' style resonates with a respectable number of Canadian fans. The success of the CD's kickoff single--an emo-waltz entitled "Run"--makes it clear just where Rex's success will most likely be found: smack dab in the arms of the teenage girls that voted for him on the show. As a result, almost half of the tracks are ballads. That said, the highlight of Under The Lights is a cover of Brad Paisley's "Whisky Lullaby," a country duet with the aforementioned O'Neil that hints at Goudie's ability to appeal to a variety of fans, from teens to lovers of traditional acoustic and beyond. There are some notable up-tempo tracks as well, including the Beatles-esque "Lie Awake" and also "Who I Am," which shows Goudie's full vocal range in the straight-ahead rock genre, the style he's clearly most suited for. (Denise Sheppard).


01. Drive
02. Lie Awake
03. Run
04. You Alone
05. Strong Enough
06. Call Your Name
07. Write It In Lightning
08. Who I Am
09. One True Summer Night
10. Stay
11. Whiskey Lullaby
12. Break The Silence

Released: December 13, 2005
Genre: Pop Rock

Rex Goudie - Under The Lights

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