Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rex Goudie - Look Closer

Rex Goudie is an inspiration to every Singer/ songwriter/ musician and what they should aim for in Acomplishing a Top Of The Charts Album. One with think he is beyond his actual age with the way he has grown as a musician from last year to now. Although Under The Lights was Fantastic in so many ways, Rex has expanded his wings, embraced his heart with his Sophomore Album "Look Closer" Rex writes and protrays his feelings of life experiences through his music which is obvious in his Soal bearing lyrics. The depth,heartfelt lyrics and vocals that if you dare to listen closely would toach your Soal with meaning. Its unigue how Rex can switch modes with his music style.
From Rockout Singles to a Serile like Contry Mode its an "Amazing" Album. Rex being true to himself is "One Good Reason" I see a great sucess with "Look Closer".


01. My One Mistake
02. You Got to Me
03. Whatever
04. One Good Reason
05. Way Above
06. Like I Was Dying
07. Hollow
08. Till It's Over
09. Throwing It All Away
10. Tormorrow Turns
11. Ain't Dead Yet

Released: December 19, 2006
Genre: Pop Rock

Rex Goudie - Look Closer

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