Monday, April 21, 2008

Madonna - Hard Candy

Hard Candy is the eleventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Madonna and will be released at the end of April 2008 by Warner Bros. Records. After the success of her last studio album, late 2005's Confessions on a Dance Floor, Hard Candy will be the last studio album to be released under her contract with Warner Bros, excluding a compilation album to be released in late 2008.


01. Candy Shop
02. 4 Minutes
03. Give It 2 Me
04. Heartbeat
05. Miles Away
06. She's Not Me
07. Incredible
08. Beat Goes On
09. Dance 2 Night
10. Spanish Lesson
11. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
12. Voices

Released: April 24, 2008
Genre: Pop, Dance, R&B

Madonna - Hard Candy


  1. My Hard Candy Review: (Keep In Mind These Are Just My Opinions)

    Candy Shop - I don't really like this, It just doesn't click, 3.5/5

    4 Minutes - It's good, but it's just a little repetitive, I am over it by now. 3.5/5

    Give It 2 Me - It's quite strange, but I like it. It's very whimiscal.

    Heartbeat - The First Of The Killers! I love this track, It's very campy and very 80's esque. 4.5/5

    Miles Away - It's quite catchy, but it just doesn't sound right. 4/10

    She's Not Me - Very 80's, Very Catchy, Very Groovy. 4.5/10

    Incredible - Panned by pretty much everybody. I don't Know Why, I LOVE It. It's a great pick-me up song. It's Incredible! (Apparently, So is sex with Guy!) 5/5

    Beat Goes On - Not "Instant Classic" but "Has Potential", I actually don't mind this. It starts to head downhill here. 4.5/5

    Dance 2night - I don't like this much, yet. It definately has potential. 3.5/5

    Spanish Lesson - I don't like this at all. I almost feel stupid listening to this. 2/5

    Devil Wouldn't Recognise You - It like a hybrid of What Goes Around.. . and Cry Me A River. It almost sounds a bit generic. I think she thinks she is better than the devil 3/5

    Voices - I couldn't even listen to this once, It is that bad, a really horrid song. 0/5

    All in All,It is extremely cohesive, but i wouldn't call it a Hip-Hop record. It could be described as an urban dance album.

  2. Well all i really can say is i am really disappointed with this album. Timbo's dumbass really likes to mess things up i mean i was waiting for her album and Ashlee Simpson's new album and both of them suck some hardcore ass. The only song that i like and i am using like loosely is Miles Away. Such a shame though i had high hopes for this album and especially the song Devil Wouldn't Recognize You!