Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jonatan Cerrada - La Preuve Du Contraire

La Preuve Du Contraire is the second album of Jonatan Cerrada. Its title literally translates into 'The Proof Of The Opposite' but means 'The Proof That It Is Wrong'.

Most of the songs are in French, but one track is in Spanish while one is partly Spanish (Con Los Años Que Me Quedan, a revival of Gloria Estefan's song) and another one is partly Italian (Amore).

This second album contains his hit single "'Libre Comme L'Air', and the soundtrack to the French version of the film Robots 'Mon Paradis'. The album features Ophelie Cassy in 'Ne M'en Veux Pas', which is his new single. However, the single version has been re-mixed and is no longer a duet.


01. Intro
02. Libre Comme L'Air
03. J'Apprends
04. Interlude D'Automne
05. Un Dimanche D'Automne
06. La Preuve Du Contraire
07. Ne M'en Veux Pas (Duet with Ophelie Cassy)
08. Le Chaud Et Le Froid
09. Pas Le Temps
10. Interludio
11. Ruban Noir
12. L'Innocence
13. On Ne Connait Personne
14. Mon Paradis
15. Amore
16. Pas Le Temps (Acoustic Version)
17. Un Dimanche D'Automne (Acoustic Version)

Released: June 13, 2005
Genre: Pop

Jonatan Cerrada - La Preuve Du Contraire

Credit to: Kinkedo

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