Monday, April 28, 2008

Chris Standring - Love And Paragraphs

On Love & Paragraphs, guitarist Chris Standring puts aside his trusty longtime jazz axe, the archtop Benedetto, and digs into more earthy blues-rock territory on five tracks with two Fender Strats; he played the Strat back in the 80s until switching to the other guitar to better tackle the acid jazz grooves which caught his ear in the early 90s. Top tunes include first single, "Love & Paragraphs," "CS In The Sunshine," "Liquid Soul," "Qwertyuiop"and "As Luck Woul Have It". An inspired innovator in both smooth and chill jazz Standring's newest CD will attract jazz lovers and beyond with it's fan-friendly grooves.


01. Qwertyuiop
02. Love & Paragraphs
03. As Luck Would Have It
04. Have Your Cake And Eat It
05. Liquid Soul
06. Ooh Bop
07. C.S. In The Sunshine
08. That's What I Thought You Said
09. Qu'est
10. Reflection

Released: April 22, 2008
Genre: Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Smooth

Chris Standring - Love And Paragraphs

Credit: Olapana

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