Friday, April 18, 2008

Carly Hennessy - Ultimate High

Ultimate High is the début album of Irish-born singer Carly Smithson, before known as Hennessy, released in 2001 by MCA Records. It failed to find an audience despite MCA Records spending over $2 million on the production and promotion of the album, and became a textbook example for the economics of today's music industry.

Two singles were released off the album: "I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind" and "Beautiful You".


01. Beautiful You
02. I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind
03. Surface Wound
04. You'll Never Meet God (If You Break My Heart)
05. No One's Safe From Goodbye
06. Young Love
07. I Need A Little Love
08. Get You Off
09. RIP In Heaven
10. All Kinds Of People
11. Just Missed The Train
12. What I've Found

Released: November 13, 2001
Genre: Rock

Carly Hennessy - Ultimate High

Credit to: Jon Wire

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