Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Album Review: B*Witched - Awake And Breathe

"Awake And Breathe" is the second album by Irish girl group B*Witched, released on 18 October 1999. The album was recorded on the back of the success of their self-titled debut B*Witched, and marked a slight change in sound for the band, containing more dance-orientated and upbeat pop, rather than the teen pop direction of their first album. The single "Jesse Hold On" and "If It Don't Fit" also mark a change into the country side of pop. Three singles were released from the album "Jesse Hold On", "I Shall Be There" and "Jump Down". However, poorer sales of the album and the third single, "Jump Down", resulted in the band being dropped by their record label, and "Awake And Breath"e becoming their final album.

01. If It Don't Fit
02. Jesse Hold On
03. I Shall Be There
04. Jump Down
05. Someday
06. Leaves
07. The Shy Ones
08. Red Indian Girl
09. It Was Our Day
10. My Superman
11. Are You A Ghost
12. In Fields Where We Lay

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