Friday, October 19, 2007

Album Review: Lee Ryan - Lee Ryan

"Lee Ryan" is the debut and only solo studio album to be released by Blue band-member and singer Lee Ryan. Brightside Records and Sony BMG Records released "Lee Ryan" as CD album on 1 August 2005 and pop is the main genre of this album. There are 4 singles were released from this album. They are "Army Of Lovers", "Turn Your Car Around", "When I Think Of You" and "Real Love". 

01. Army Of Lovers
02. Turn Your Car Around
03. When I Think Of You
04. Real Love
05. Parking
06. Wish The Whole World Knew
07. Close To You
08. Miss My Everything
09. Daydreamer
10. Jump
11. How Do I
12. In The Morning

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