Monday, September 10, 2007

Video Scope: Vanessa Carlton - Pretty Baby

Pop rock song from American singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton called "Pretty Baby" was released as her third single from the album "Be Not Nobody" on 11 February 2003. This song reached #94 at U.K. Singles Chart and popular in South East Asia regional such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Phillipphines.

The video starts with Vanessa inside a large house sitting on top of a staircase. She has a roll duct tape in her hands and starts walking through the house as she starts to sing the song. We then see her sitting down, playing a large, black grande piano. The video contains various flashbacks scenes of her and her lover (Brendan Fehr), such as a kissing scene in a red car, a scene where Vanessa gives her boyfriend a guitar as a gift, and a party scene. At the party, she looks troubled as her boyfriend is talking with another woman. She throws the guitar from the second story window. At the end of the music video, she goes up the stairs and into a bedroom, where we see her boyfriend, panicked, bruised, and bound & gagged with the duct tape from the beginning of the video. Vanessa smiles as she approaches him. The music video was directed by Marcos Siega.

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