Saturday, September 1, 2007

Single Of The Day: Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable

American boyband Backstreet Boys is back with their new pop song "Inconsolable". This time, Backstreet Boys are consisting with 4 pieces without Kevin Richardson. The song is a piano-driven power ballad similar to "Incomplete". It features acoustic piano, strings, rhythmic acoustic guitars, heavy vocal harmonies and an emotional vocal performance. The song's verses are in the key of G major, whilst the chorus is in the relative key of E minor.

This pop song was written by Emanuel Kiriakou, Lindy Robbins and Jess Cates. This single was released on 27 August 2007 under Jive Records / Zomba Records. 

1 comment:

  1. wah kek na kevin dah gak ikutan di album ini ya? hiks hiks sedih...apa mungkin karena dah ketuwaan
    ? hihihi secara dia khan yg paling tuwa di BSB...