Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Singlepedia: Melanie B - I Want You Back (Featuring Missy Elliott)

Scary Spice released solo single for her debut as solo artist. A collaboration with American rapper, Missy Elliott, this R&B and hip-hop song was released as CD single by Virgin Records on 14 September 1998 at U.K. and scored top of the chart on U.K. Singles Chart, that made Melanie Brown as the first Spice Girls to have #1 single on U.K. 

Melanie B recalled, "This was the first time I'd even considered doing anything by myself. I was on tour with the Spice Girls when Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott called me up and said 'Melanie, I've got a song for you, will you come and record it with me?' I checked it with the girls and within a month I was out there, I recorded it in a day, did the video, then came back. She's a genius!", later the track available on Melanie Brown's debut studio album "Hot" which was released on 2000.

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