Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Music Video: Frank Ocean - Nikes

Def Jam Recordings released a new music video "Nikes" from American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean. This new music video just premiered exclusively through Apple Music on 20 August 2016. This song will be anticipated as Frank Ocean's first single of his new studio album "Boys Don't Cry".

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pop Zone: Emma Bunton - (Hey You) Free Up Your Mind

"(Hey You) Free Up Your Mind" is a pop song by Baby Spice or more popular with Emma Bunton. This song was released as track for compilation soundtrack "Pokémon: The First Movie Soundtrack" at 10 November 1999. Later, the song was released for Emma Bunton's b-side of her single "What Took You So Long" on 2 April 2001 for United Kingdom regional, along with "Merry-Go Round". This pop song was written by Emma Bunton with Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher, Martin Harrington, John Themis and Dave Morgan.

Classic Pop: Steps - Light Up The World

"Light Up The World" is the latest single from British pop group Steps. Steps Recordings and Warner Music released this pop song as single on 22 October 2012. This pop song is a reunited single from a long waited anticipated from Steps. Steps bring a pop in the wrong time, their cheesy pop is so failed, but for fan, Steps are still on their heart. Still, Steps bring a history on pop music!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Classic Pop: Boom! - Falling

"Falling" is a pop song by English pop group Boom!. The song was a hit, peaking at #11 on the U.K. Singles Chart in early. London Records released this song as their debut single on 15 January 2001. This song was written Lucas Secon, Keith Richard Cox, Gary Llyod and Rhoden.

Pop Zone: Melanie Brown - Music Of The Night (Perdido)

"Music Of The Night (Perdido)" is a pop song with catchy melody by British pop singer Melanie Brown. This song was featured as track on her studio album "L.A. State Of Mind" and also as b-side for her single "Today". The song is happy tunes and seduce you to dance, even kinda Ricky Martin wannabe of "Stay In Bed Days". This song was released as track for "L.A. State Of Mind" on 27 June 2005 and b-side of "Today" on 13 June 2005.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Music Video: Electrik Red - Friend Lover

A new music video from American girl group Electrik Red for their latest single "Friend Lover". Enjoy this R&B beat with catchy happy tunes!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Music Video: Novel - I Am (Featuring Talib Kweli & Spree Wilson)

American R&B recording artist Novel released a new music video "I Am" with Talib Kweli and Spree Wilson. Check it out!